Luxury Nottingham Lace and Vintage by Kitty Fisher

We design and make all our lace gifts for you to enhance your home or to give as a special gift.Inspired by the romance of the Victorian era we use archive lace designs incorporated into romantic and stunning accessories, decorative home furnishings and luxury gifts.

Take a look at our vintage clothing and gift sections as when we say vintage that’s exactly what it is. Clothing and collectables from the appropriate decades- NOT ‘vintage inspired’ new items.

Made in Nottingham : Made with Pride

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Lace has been made for thousands of years!

The oldest evidence of lace making dates back to around 2500BC, from which time fragments of knotted hair nets have been found in Pharoah’s tombs in Thebes and elsewhere in Egypt.

Lace-making was well-known to the Greeks and Romans and fine pieces have been found buried beneath the ashes of Pompeii. Through the early centuries of the last millenium, lace garments were worn by high-up clergy but were a luxury most could not afford. It was not until the 16th century that the use of lace became widespread and hand-made lace has been produced all over Europe since Medieval times, each country having its own speciality and often each part of the country having further local variations. For example in England in Medieval times, lace was made by hand as a cottage industry and areas such as Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Honiton had their own specialities. The first simple lace machine was invented in Calverton, Nottinghamshire, in 1589 by William Lee.

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