Kitty Fisher & Nottingham Lace: I want to tell the world!


You may have already read the piece on Ruth and experienced the skill, pedigree and design finesse she brings to Kitty Fisher but there is really much more about it than that.

Our story really starts in 1983 after the birth of our daughter and seeing the decline of the Nottingham lace industry Ruth decided to try and keep some of the traditional skills of using lace alive. Throughout the 1980's and 90's lace production faltered in Nottingham and as lace producers finished we bought up stock for our archives.

The last lace factory in the city closed some years ago and with it the final demise of the once mighty Nottingham lace industry. To my knowledge no lace is produced in the city although there is a lace factory in Ilkeston making leivers lace which we use on some of our handkerchiefs.

Please be aware that Nottingham lace is a generic term for a kind of lace and can be made, sometimes very badly, throughout the world. Lace "Made in Nottingham" is different and was actually made here.

Unfortunately, as our stocks diminish genuine Nottingham lace is becoming harder to find so be aware of some claims!

Our products have been, and still are sold and enjoyed around the world and have been available from such famous outlets as Harrods, Libertys and Selfridges in London, KaDe We in Berlin, Bergdorf Goodman in New York, Takeshimaya and Mitsukoshi in Tokyo and used as personalised

Wedding gifts in Kuwait and worldwide in upmarket catalogues. Our designs are timelessly classic and marketing traditional and this is our first blog, hence the title. But the skill and attention to detail in our products is shown in that we never have returns.

Because our base is still in Nottingham, we were the last lace company to leave Stoney Street, once the most famous lace street in the world and before that we owned Sir Richard Arkwright house, Arkwright's first mill on Woolpack Lane we have the pedigree and status to carefully design and construct beautiful pieces which will delight, not only the person wanting to purchase something special for themselves or a special gift for a friend but also the lace connoisseur.

Our lace is often taken abroad as personal or corporate gifts highlighting the skills and traditions still available in Nottingham. Each piece contains information regarding Nottingham lace and the history of Kitty Fisher.

To make our blogs not only informative but also fun we have decided to end each with a quiz which will give anyone who emails the correct answer a 15% discount on their next order.

The question is .
“As we owned Sir Richard Arkwright House for a number of years can you tell where he was born?”